Cast Size: 

2M, 1F

Running Time: 
45 minutes

Comic Drama

Arie and Marcus are trapped in the old locker room of Foothills Junior High. They can hear the sounds of the basketball games they should be playing, but escape from this abandoned space seems impossible. Can their friendship survive the junior high school pecking order that got them into this mess? Will an unexpected visit from an Iraqi girl set them free? A play about leaving childhood behind and finding friendship and stories in an unexpected place.

Character Descriptions: 

ARIE, 14, small, awkward and the best free-throw shooter in school
MARCUS, 14, a star, a comet, but he doesn’t quite know it
KEHKASHAN, 13, from Iraq, unusual, mysterious, silly, adventurous

This play is intended to be performed by young actors or by early 20’s actors as a theatre for young audiences touring show.

Production rights and script available by contacting the playwright.