Cast Size: 

3M, 2F

Running Time: 
45 mins

Ella is on the run after a life-changing tragedy. She is an artist who no longer knows how to sculpt. She is desperate to leave her past behind. A nineteen-year-old, white, gator-hunting farm boy named Cutter is the last person she needs to help her get her life back on track. At least that’s what she thinks.

Character Descriptions: 

ELLA, an African American woman, 29
MATTY, an African American man, Ella’s ex-husband, 30
VANESSA, Ella’s sister and a student at the University of Washington, 22
CUTTER, a white Florida farm boy, 19
CHARLES, a student at the University of Washington, 22

Published in Best American Short Plays 2009-2010. Rights and individual copies can be purchased by contacting the playwright.