Cast Size: 

Small cast 4M, 2W or Large cast 6M, 4W (chorus size is flexible)

Running Time: 
120 minutes

(with Monica Flory)
from an idea by Lauren Singerman

A coming out gone wrong, an angry gnome, and two hundred pounds of Swedish meatballs: welcome to IKEA, friends. As two couples venture through their local Swedish superstore, they become trapped in a blue and yellow purgatory; unable to escape until they solve the problems in their ailing relationships. Will they be able to put all of the parts together without any instructions? Will they ever get home? Join two ordinary couples as they take an extraordinary journey to find the arrows that will lead them out of the relationship inferno that is IKEA.

Character Descriptions: 

Canto I by Dano Madden
MARCUS, from the Midwest. Or the West, 35
ROY, Marcus’ boyfriend, 38
HATTIE, traditional, 68
BILL, quiet, 72
LUCY, a veteran IKEA employee, 26
HANK, a rookie IKEA employee, 34

Canto II by Monica Flory
BETHANY and DAN, a 30-something couple
CHORUS (including EDITH, MOSCA, ZITA, CECINA, and others), trapped in IKEA purgatory
GNOME with a gray beard

Developed with the Artful Conspirators and will premiere in Brooklyn in June 2012.

The script is available for reading at Indie Plays Now: Leaving IKEA. Rights available by contacting the playwright.


"Playwrights Monica Flory and Dano Madden both deserve praise for the tightly structured work . . . It consistently hits the human notes — acting as a metaphor for young people who are put in the bizarre position of shopping for their futures."

July 2012