Cast Size: 

8M, 4W (some doubling is possible)

Running Time: 
100 minutes

Developed by the National New Play Network at Stanford in 2005
Semi-Finalist, O’Neill National Playwright’s Workshop, 2007
Semi-Finalist, Princess Grace Playwriting Award, 2008

Sam Tyler is the wealthy CEO of a very profitable casino. When his estranged father passes away, something snaps inside of Sam. He begins to give the neediest customers in the casino enormous amounts of cash to help them in their lives. As Sam gives away his money, he also begins to grow as a human being, finding a deeper connection with his wife and the world around him. Things are great…until Sam’s little secret is discovered. How will a society addicted to money react when they discover that one of their wealthiest members is giving all of his money away?

Character Descriptions: 

SAM TYLER, a wealthy man, Asian-American, 37
CHARLIE TYLER, his wife, also wealthy, 28
WHITEY, a lifelong casino man, Caucasian, 60
ISAAC, a resident gambler, 45
JOHN, the head of casino security, 34
MABEL, a casino regular, 35
DANIELLE, casino security guard, 24
LADY, a casino regular, 30
WALTER, a casino regular, 42
FRANKIE and RON, casino security guards, early thirties
THE TRIBE, a powerful voice

Script and rights available by contacting the playwright.