Cast Size: 

3m, 2f

Running Time: 
90 minutes

Winner of the Kennedy Center’s Quest for Peace Playwriting Award

Finalist for the National New Play Network’s 2010 Smith Prize

Two sisters, unexpectedly lost along a quiet roadside in war-torn Iraq, find a friend in a man peddling junk. Back in America, a veteran of the war in Iraq discovers that he has much more in common with a homeless man than he wants to believe. Beautiful American Soldier rides the never ending ripple effects of war as shattered hearts, half a world away from each other, must find a way to deal with the consequences of war.

Character Descriptions: 

Part I: Iraq
LAMIYA, awkward, clumsy, beautiful and in love, 20
ULA, her sister, 29
BAHLOOL, in search of treasure, 26

Part II: America
CORPORAL DANIEL PEREZ, from the desert, 24
STAFF SERGEANT ISAIAH BROWN, from the jungle, 59

Part I is available in The Best American Short Plays 2005-2006. The full play is available for reading or licensing by contacting the playwright.


"This was theater at its most riveting. "

--Ted Ying, DC Theatre
July 2009